Worship Services

Our first anticipated in-person service will be on September 12th at 10:30 a.m. at 225 Boston Post Road.

We are meeting ONLINE through the summer. Email newchurchboston@gmail.com for more information and special events.


We would love to have you join us at any of our worship services.

Our church teaches that the most important way people worship the Lord is by living according to His commandments in their daily lives. The goal of our worship services is to provide time for people to humble themselves before the Lord, raise their minds above daily tasks, learn from the Word, and pray and sing with other people.

Sunday Services

Sunday worship service begins at 10:30 am. Services will occur twice a month for all months except July, August and February when they will occur once a month. See Events for a list of upcoming service dates. The first part of the service is for families, and an address suited to the children is given during this time. The younger children are welcome to come and sit at the front of the church for this talk. After the children’s talk and a benediction, parents take their children to the library/cry room or the Sunday School. A sermon is given for the adults during the latter half of the service. In order to maintain a reverent sphere of worship for the service, silence is observed in the sanctuary.  We do not have an organized program for children under the age of three, however, parents are welcome to take their children to the library with toys provided.

Sunday School
The New Church of Boston offers Sunday school for various ages (September – June).  The main purpose of Sunday School is to familiarize us and our children with the stories of the Bible.

  • Lambs: ages 3-7 (meets twice a month during adult sermon)
  • Lions: ages 8-13 (meets during adult sermon)
  • Isaacs: ages 14-18 (meets outside of church for events)
  • Disciples: adults (meets at 9:30 AM before church services)