Worship Services

The Bible on the altar

We totally welcome you at any of our worship services!

Sunday Worship - In person and online

Our twice-monthly worship services begin at 10:30 a.m. on Sundays. The first part of the service - for the whole family - includes songs, prayers, and a talk for the children. After the children's talk, parents take their children to the nursery or to Sunday School in an adjacent room. The second portion of the service includes readings from the Lord's Word and from the theological Writings of the New Church, followed by a sermon.

Since our local church does not currently own a building, we are grateful to Congregation B'nai Torah for generously allowing us to use their facility. In respect for their guidelines, masks are required to be worn inside the building, and we practice social distancing.

After worship we have a brief check-in and discussion as a group, including Zoom participants, and then anyone who wants gathers outdoors (weather permitting) to share fellowship and enjoy refreshments. Everyone is welcome.

Hybrid Worship Services

If you're unable to join us in person for worship services, please worship with us online. We currently hold two church services a month. See our calendar page for details. Whenever possible, we meet in person as well as via Zoom (click here to learn more). If some restriction disrupts our in-person meeting, we will still worship using Zoom as our gathering tool. When conditions work out, we archive the recordings of our services to our You Tube channel.

Sunday School

Sunday School offers children a fun, social environment in which to learn the stories of the Bible and grow their affection for the Lord.

Since the beginning of the Covid era, we have had to scale back our Sunday School offerings. As the pandemic winds down, we plan to refresh our focus on meeting the needs of our children. As soon as possible we want to get back to providing these small groups:

  • For children under four: a nursery with lots of toys, and comfortable couches too! Parents are asked to supervise their own children in the nursery.
  • Children from ages four through third grade: a Sunday School class. These classes include a lesson and some sort of creative project, and are taught by the Sunday School coordinators or a trained volunteer.
  • Children from fourth through eighth grade: the JOY program, geared to exploring and discussing Bible stories.

Teens in ninth grade and above are encouraged to remain in church for the adult portion of the service.