If you want to be part of the life and worship of our community, all you need to do is show up! But you're also welcome to explore formal membership, if that's something you're interested in.

We welcome anyone to participate in the regular activities of the church such as Sunday worship, classes, and community events. If you want to take part in these activities, no membership is required. Everyone is welcome. Membership becomes relevant when it comes to the church’s planning and decision-making processes. Membership confers the right to cast votes at congregational meetings and to serve on the church’s Board of Directors. Because we believe that a spiritual commitment to the life of the church is more important than organizational membership, we treat baptism as a prerequisite for membership.

How to become a member:

Membership is open to those 20 years of age and older. If you were baptized into the New Church as a child, the secretary of the church will usually send you a letter and registration form on or around your 20th birthday.

A baptized adult who wishes to become a member may speak to the pastor to initiate the membership process. Before becoming a member of the New Church of Boston, it is the denomination’s policy to become a member of the General Church of the New Jerusalem, which is the parent organization of the New Church of Boston.