Small Groups, Classes, Programs

Meet up in small groups in person or over Zoom to study the Bible and theology, talk about spiritual growth, and enjoy companionship

We invite you to consider participating in one of our small groups. Check for details below and on our calendar page.

Small Groups and Classes

We love to gather to explore God's Word and the theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg, and to talk about what it means to live what the Lord teaches us.

Wednesday night Small Group

When: every Wednesday from 8-9 pm (Eastern time)

Where: Zoom (online) Click on: Zoom link

Pastor Nathan leads this study and sharing time every Wednesday night. We start with a brief check in, then we reflect and share insights about readings from the Bible and associated teachings from Swedenborg. We conclude with prayer. It is a refreshing opportunity to gather and benefit from a brief time of concentrated reflection and sharing. We come away from the time together spiritually nourished and ready to continue our week.

Reading Group (online): Swedenborg's "Secrets of Heaven"

Twice a month on select Thursday nights from 8-9 pm ET via Zoom. See below for details.

When: Twice a month on Thursday nights from 8-9 pm (Eastern Time). Please use the Contact Us form to request details.

Where: Zoom (online) Here is the Zoom link, AND you will also need the password: Wisdom  If you need any help, write to or use the Contact Us form. We'll be happy to send you a Zoom invite!

How: We begin each meeting with a brief check in, then discuss a scheduled set of readings, highlighting brief quotations of special interest or insights that come up on reflection.

What: This year we are reading the first volume of Swedenborg's magnum opus, "Secrets of Heaven" also known by the Latin name, "Arcana Coelestia." This volume gives an in-depth, verse-by-verse exposition of the inner meaning of the first nine chapters of the Biblical book of Genesis. It provides foundational information for understanding the dynamics of our spiritual lives individually and our relationships with the Lord and each other.

How to get your copy of this volume: There are various online ways of reading this book or via a pdf. One simple way way is New Christian Bible Study, which has four translations.  The Swedenborg Foundation website offers a free download.

READING SCHEDULE: For a detailed schedule of meetings and readings, use the Contact Us form to request your copy.

Programs and Events

We are so glad to be back into safely getting together more for community-oriented offerings.

Refreshment Time

When: We love enjoying refreshments on the Sundays after church whenever we meet in person

Get to know one another and help build a sense of community by enjoying social time over refreshments together