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We warmly welcome you to any of our worship services!

Sunday Worship at a glance

  • Our twice a month Sunday church services are from 10:30 am to about 11:30 am
  • No dress code (dress comfortably)
  • We welcome children of all ages
  • After an opening hymn and prayer, the pastor gives a Bible-based, interactive message for children
  • After the children’s portion, parents escort their children to the Sunday School room for supervised activities
  • The pastor’s sermon explores the Bible through the lens of New Church teachings and draws spiritual principles to apply in daily life
  • Immediately after the sermon we have a group discussion for raising questions and sharing insights
  • We foster a contemplative study of the Lord’s Word to encourage reflecting on the two great commandments: Love the Lord and love our neighbors

Sunday Worship - more details

The goals of our twice-a-month worship services are to gather with each other to humble ourselves before the Lord, to build a sense of community in that effort, to raise our minds above daily distractions, to learn from the Lord's Word, to pray together, and to enjoy each other's friendship. Please check our schedule before attending.

Download a calendar of worship services for July 2023-June 2024

Questions? Email for more information.

New Church of Boston is a congregation of the New Church, a New Christianity based on the Bible and the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. We teach God's timeless message with renewed clarity and application to our personal spiritual development. We're here to help each other discover and nurture healthy relationships with the one loving God and the Word of God. We firmly believe that what God wants for us, as Christians and as human beings, is to lead loving, wise, and useful lives.

Our Rental Location - First Parish of Sudbury

Since our local organization does not currently own a building, we rent space for our worship services. As of January, 2024, we are meeting at 10:30 am in First Parish Church: 327 Concord Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776 in the historic center of Sudbury. Please come a little before 10:30 to allow time for parking across the street and walking to the building and finding the Brackett Room.

Enter on the right side of the building when you are facing it from their small parking area. Just inside the building, turn right to find the Brackett Room. (First Parish worships in the upstairs sanctuary starting at 10 am.)

The first floor Brackett Room is a living room style room with couches, stuffed chairs, and folding chairs. Two spacious Sunday School rooms are downstairs, as well as bathrooms.

Notes about parking and sharing the building:

Please do not park in the small lot closest to the building. That lot is reserved for members of First Parish. Parking for our congregation is across the street in a large lot behind the Town Hall, the Grange, and the Historical Society building. You are welcome to drop off passengers close to the church before you park and to pick up passengers there afterwards.

First Parish holds their Sunday service in their sanctuary starting at 10 am. Then at noon, there is an evangelical church that rents the sanctuary. It is an honor to meet in a multi-purpose setting and rub shoulders with other people who worship the Lord.

Please use the contact us form to let us know you are planning to visit - either in person or online.

Sunday Worship - Online

If you're unable to join us in person for worship services, please worship with us online over Zoom (or You Tube when available).

Passcode: Swedenborg

Guidelines for Zoom Participation

We respect your privacy. Even though we use Zoom, we never record anyone's personal screen. We only record the camera's view of the chancel. Please mute your mic during the service, and feel free to leave your camera video off. For the discussion afterwards, we invite you to turn your camera video on and to unmute your mic when you participate.

To simplify and standardize our hybrid church experience, here are some guidelines for everyone’s participation before, during, and after:

  • 10:15-10:25 am: Zoom meeting will be opened and the technology will be tested. Remote participants are welcome to join anytime, but until about 10:15, Zoom will be used for a sound check.
  • 10:25-10:30 am: The service begins with some prelude music. Remote participants please mute your mics for the whole service.
  • Immediately after the service: Discussion and fellowship start. When possible, the Zoom screen will be displayed at the in-person venue so remote participants can feel part of the community and discussion. During the discussion, we encourage remote participants to turn your cameras on and unmute to talk.

If some restriction (weather or illness, etc.) disrupts our in-person meeting, we still worship using Zoom as our gathering tool.

When conditions work out, we archive the recordings of our services to our You Tube channel.

Sunday School

Sunday School offers children a fun, social environment in which to learn the stories of the Bible and grow their affection for the Lord.

Children of all ages are welcome to participate in our worship services. A talk accommodated to children comes toward the beginning, after which children move to an adjoining room for a Sunday School lesson and creative activity taught by the Sunday School coordinator or a trained volunteer. Parents are welcome to participate.

Parents are asked to supervise their own nursery-aged children.

Teens in ninth grade and above are invited to remain in the worship service after the children's talk.