Livestreaming + Hybrid Services

We worship in person at First Parish of Sudbury, MA in the Brackett Room. We also broadcast our worship services over Zoom.

We gather for worship twice a month at 10:30 am Eastern Time, either "hybrid style" (in person AND online), or occasionally only on online if necessary. Click on the picture of the schedule or check our online calendar for details. Or use the Contact Us page. Or email with any questions. We really want to serve you, so we look forward to hearing from you!

In Person:

On January 14, 2024, we started to hold our gatherings in the Brackett Room at First Parish of Sudbury, MA.  We share the building with the existing congregation as well as another church group that rents there after we leave. The living room setting is cozy and comfortable with a combination of couches, upholstered chairs and folding chairs. Parking is in a large lot across the street.

Over Zoom:

Join our worship services over Zoom by clicking on the icon or this link.

Use the passcode: Swedenborg

We are also testing livestreaming to our YouTube channel. Click on the icon below. YouTube is also where our services are archived.


Guidelines for Zoom Participation

We respect your privacy. Even though we use Zoom, we never record anyone's personal screen. We only record the camera's view of the chancel. Please mute your mic during the service, and feel free to leave your camera video off. For the discussion afterwards, you are invited to turn your camera video on and to unmute your mic when you participate. To simplify and standardize our hybrid church experience, here are some guidelines for everyone’s participation before, during, and after:
  • 10:15-10:25 am: Zoom meeting will be opened and the technology will be tested. Remote participants are welcome to join anytime, but until about 10:15, Zoom will be used for a sound check.
  • 10:25-10:30 am: The service begins with some prelude music. Remote participants please mute your mics for the whole service.
  • Immediately after the service: Discussion and fellowship start. When possible, the Zoom screen will be displayed at the in-person venue so remote participants can feel part of the community and discussion. During the discussion, we encourage remote participants to turn your cameras on and unmute to talk.