Reflections on Providence

In the Fall of 2021 the New Church of Boston restarted a Thursday night group to read and study a work of Emanuel Swedenborg. We dove into Divine Providence.

We meet twice a month generally on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 8-9 pm over Zoom. For more details and a Zoom link, click here or contact pastor Nathan or write to It's a delightful and thoughtful group and anyone is welcome. The full text of Swedenborg's Divine Providence is available here on the New Christian Bible Study website.

You can also purchase a hard copy or download an electronic copy from the Swedenborg Foundation at

As supplemental reading, below we are offering a series of 18 short essays from an out-of-print book called Reflections on Providence by the Rev. Frank S. Rose.

Here is Frank's preface:

Emanuel Swedenborg published his remarkable book Angelic Wisdom About Divine Providence (also known simply as Divine Providence) in 1764. What follows here is a series of 18 reflections, one each from the main chapters of the book. The references are to section numbers in the book. Quotations are from the New Century Edition of Divine Providence, translated by Dr. George Dole, published by the Swedenborg Foundation.

All Bible quotes in this book are based on the text of the New King James Version.

Frank S. Rose

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