Participate in Person or Online

A Christmas Tableaux from a prior year

As we prepare for Christmas and the new year, what a comfort and joy it is to have a sense of spiritual community in our church.

We're offering a combination of in-person and online activities. Here are some resources:

Make the Most of Online Participation

We are continuing to update our technology and methods of providing for a hybrid worship experience, so we can serve as many people as possible, both in person and online.

Worship in Person or Online

Our Sunday worship services are held in person and over Zoom. We are committed to providing ways for everyone interested to be involved and engaged in the spiritual community of our church.

Small Groups

Our small groups aren't meeting in person right now, but we can still meet online, to share and learn together.

Life has its challenges: the current pandemic, economic insecurity, political uncertainties, etc. The list goes on. Our prayers are with you as you find your way. We believe the church is a place to foster spiritual community that can help us and help others find meaning and support in all sorts of circumstances. If you need support, or if you or someone you love is in trouble, please contact us.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.